Success Case Examples

Acid Reflux

He thought was amazing

In June 2009, a man in his 50’s, complained he had chronic cough and Acid Reflux problems for years. The food he intakes would come up to the throat after a meal or vomiting. He could hardly lie down sleeping because he felt food would come up during sleeping cause blockage of his airway.

He had to take the drug (Pantoloc) every day for years. He had no knowledge of what else could help him with these problems.

After the first treatment with Grace, the cough and food reflux were reduced. With 6 treatments, his cough, upset stomach, food reflux and vomiting were cleared and he no longer need take the medication Pantoloc, he is able to lay down sleeping peacefully.

Acid Reflux

She enjoys taking meal again…

A woman in her 60’s suffered multiple health issues came to see me. She had Acid Reflux and took Pantoloc drug before meals.

She also suffered nausea, pressure, burping, bloating and pain in her stomach. Her stomach always felt full with sickening feeling that she could hardly take meals.

After a few treatments, the Acid reflux symptoms were subsided and no longer take the drug. The feeling of stomach cramp, pressure, fullness and nausea were gone, she was able to feel the hungry and enjoy taking meals again.

Asthma & Dry Cough

She thought it was like a miracle…

A woman in her 40’s came to me in 2009. She suffered asthma like symptoms about 18 years with dry cough sometimes it persisted all night. Her breath was very short and feeling of something blocked her throat that hardly to fall sleeping. She had to use Puffers for many years just for temporary relief.

During the first treatment, she felt her throat clear and the feeling of blockage in here throat was gone, her breath gets easier and she did not use Puffers since then.

She did not expect that her 18 years of stubborn Asthma symptoms could be cleared up in such short period of time with my hands and fingers, it was like a miracle to her. Top

Asthma & Sinusitis

Children live normal & healthier life…

A mother brought her two children came to see me in 2009. Her son was 11 years old; he would get sick every month with Asthma, Sinus like infections and Bronchitis like symptoms. He was on Antibiotics and Puffers for years. His activities were limited and missed many school days.

Her daughter was 13 years old; she felt pain everywhere, she also had Asthma and Sinusitis like symptoms. After number of treatments, both of them were nearly symptoms free and off from medications.

They became more regularly attending school and activities.

The mother expressed that her home was like a mini hospital because she was so busy and tired with administering medications to her children especially in the morning, it was like a battle going through these procedures.

Now she can relax, happily seeing her children live a normal and healthier life. Top

Back & Leg Pain

Now she can enjoy swimming and walking…

A woman in her 50’s came for treating her back and leg pain. She suffered severe back pain for over 30 years; pain went down to the right hip, leg, knee and ankle with lack of mobility.

She had 13 compressed discs in spine and had been diagnosed with Osteopenia (reduced bone mass). She was in pain all over and the degree of pain was hard to tolerate.

I started work on her lower back and the right leg; it hurt wherever I touched her.

After the 1st treatment, the pain in her lower back was significantly reduced, with further treatments, the pain in her back, hip, leg, knee and ankle were diminished.

It was to her surprise that she felt like there was a magic eraser that erased her 30 years of pain at a short period of time. Top

Bronchitis and Sinusitis

She would not give up without a fight…

A woman in her 30’s came with a big list of the problems she was experiencing.

She was sensitive to the sun with watering eyes and running nose since her teenager years. She sometime coughs up dark yellow and green phlegm continue for weeks, had difficulty breathing, chest tight, phlegm in the back of her throat and nose.

A few times she ran to emergency room was administered oxygen mask and prescribed Asthma medications.

She was given many of antibiotics that no longer work for her, and she had numerous recurrent Sinusitis or Bronchitis like symptoms.

She had seen specialist after specialist, did test after test but no one could give an correct answer as to why she was sick like that. She continued coughing up mouthful of discolored phlegm, a raw burning sensation at the throat, buckled over with a lot of pain and could not sleep on her right side.

I felt distressful to hear about what she had gone through and had to take a deep breath tried to sort out the problems for her. I started treating her neck, by the second visit; she felt her chest open and was able to breathe through her nose, she experienced improvement with each treatment.

The pain in her chest, breast and stomach were subsided, cough and phlegm were much reduced, and the raw, choking feelings in her throat were cleared.

Her energy had dramatically improved, a month later; she was able to jog for 5 minutes because she she could not even jog for 30 seconds before, and she started to resume regular housework.

She now can sleep on her right side without pain and got off the sleeping pills she was taking. Top

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Surgery was no longer needed…

A woman in her 40’s was scheduled for surgery because she was told she had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

She complained pain and swelling in her right hand, pain on her neck, right shoulder elbow that she could hardly lift her arm.

With the first treatment, the pain in shoulder and elbow was significantly reduced and she was able to lift her arm again. The swelling and pain on her hand was diminished.

After the second visit, the pain in her arm and hand were gone. She did not expect such a dramatic improvement and she felt relief that she no longer need surgery for these problems. Top

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Watery diarrhea relieved…

A woman in her 60’s had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She had watery diarrhea 3 or 4 times in the morning and few times more throughout the day with severe pain in her lower abdomen, pain, cramp and growling before each bowel movement.

After the 2nd visit, watery diarrhea was reduced and the bowel started forming,

she no longer suffer the pain, cramps, growling before each time goes and her energy level much increased. Top

Knee Replacement

He thought that they were magic fingers…

In 2008, a man in his late 70’s complained that he had an accident when he was 12 years old, pain in both knees worse on the right knee since then. Visited a specialist and was told there was not much could be done that he would have to live with the pain for the rest of his life.

He lived with the knee pain up to the age of 79 for about 67 years long. He struggled with the pain to the point he could not sleep at night; the pain in his knee and rib cage woke him up.

He was recommended to see a knee surgeon in 2003. He was advised that he needs his knee replacement done.

He did not like the idea of replacing his knee with artificial one, because he saw some of the results from other folks who had gotten their knee replaced, they were still in pain and others, their knees and legs were very rigid, hardly could bend their knees that they only could take little baby steps with very limited activities.

He wanted to keep his own knee; therefore, he lived with the pain for another few years until he came to see me. It took about 6 treatments, the pain in his knee was significantly reduced, he could get on and off his bed without pain, he walks better and he could sleep through the night. Top

Migraine Headaches

No Migraine headache since then…

A woman came for relief of her Migraine headaches; she suffered with nausea, pain and pressure in her head. Her headaches became more severe and frequency through the years. She tried many kinds of medications, which did not help much but made her very drowsy.

Her Migraines headaches attacked 2-3 times a week. At one time she went to see a specialist who told her that it was ” a woman’s problem” and the problem was “all in her head”.

After a few treatments, the Migraine headaches were significant subsided and there was no headache attacks since then. Top

Pain All Over

She believes there is always a hope…

A woman in her 60’s suffered pain in her neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs and toes since her childhood, in one word – pain all over.

The pain and weakness in her neck had gotten to the point that she could not support her head and had to wear a collar sometimes.

Her right arm could not reach behind her back. Her right hand felt very weak, shaking and tingling, she could not write well due to shakes. At one point she could hardly hold a glass of water without dropping it on the floor.

Her physician thought she had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and suggested surgery but she did not want to therefore, she continued suffer with the symptoms.

She was sent to the Sick Children’s Hospital and stayed there for weeks in her childhood, she was treated with Penicillin shots and drained fluid in her back, put a piece of board under the mattress and made her stay on her back all the time.

By 2009, her back pain was so bad that she could hardly move, her husband suggested to get a walker but she refused live on walker. She was sent to get nerve block shots, it was very painful during and after the shots, but only had a small degree of relief for 2-3 days then the pain came back.

The pain on her upper back was intolerable that she had to go for Epidural shots every few weeks.

I started work on her right upper back in hoping to relieve her most intolerable pain. At the end of the first session, she felt the pain on upper back was much relieved. By the 4th visit the pain and weakness in her neck were much reduced and she did not need a collar to support.

The pain in her legs, hip were largely reduced. She could walk a lot better and faster. By then she knew she does not need a walker. Top

Parkinson’s Disease

Happy being independent again…

In March 2009, a man in his late 70’s came for relief of Parkinson’s related symptoms.

He experienced the symptoms of shaking, pain, weakness, difficulty walking with rigid steps with lack of arm swinging, and he was put on very strong medication,

When I first saw him, he was in pain all over the body; the most severe pain was on his left leg that robbed some of his independence because he could hardly walk without assistant.

He could not get up from the chair; walked very rigid, trembling and unstable. He could hardly manage the steps and get in and out of the car. His arms and legs shaking, tremors and weak. His wife had to help him with all the tasks in his daily living that he was very depressed about this situation.

His improvement was clear with each treatment with me. His pain in his left leg was dramatically relived that greatly improved his mobility.

His wife expressed that her husband was able to walk on his own without her assistance. These changes greatly lifted his mood, he was happier, not depressed as used to be and he felt proud of himself for what he could do.

With 22 treatments in 4 months, in his wife’s observation, it had miraculous results and the end results they hoped for. Top

Shingles Pain

Excruciating Shingles pain relieved…

In February 2009, a woman in her late 70’s came for relief of her symptoms from Shingles.

In 2008, she developed rashes over her eyes and forehead. The rashes were cleared up but the pain remained and spread to her scalp. She felt swollen, pressure with severe pain in head and it continued for several months.

She was told that there was no treatment available for the pain that the pain it would probable persist for a year or even the rest of her life.

She struggled with the situation that she could possible live with the excruciating pain for the rest of her life but she did not give up the hope.

The excruciating pain on her head and scalp was relieved in 4 weekly treatments.  Top

Sinusitis & Allergy

A women in her 50’s complained about she had sinus problems for years, she experienced pressure in the sinus area, her nose plugged especially made worse by being close to certain kind of flowers or plants.

During her 3rd visit, her symptoms of sinusitis were cleared up, her nose was unplugged and she could breathe, that certain flowers or plants have not affected her so far. Top

Trigger Fingers

Goodbye to Trigger Fingers…

A woman in her 50’s experienced painful trigger fingers on her right middle finger that could hardly grip anything or bend. The extreme pain woke her up at night and the pain would radiate to her arm.

A surgeon advised her that the sheath around the tendon narrowed and a surgery is needed to snip the sheath. She tried having therapy first with me in hope to avoid a surgery.

With the first treatment, she felt immediate relief with the pain in her middle finger, she was able to bend and make a fist right away.

With 3 treatments, the pain in her hand and fingers were subsided and she was able to make a tight fist without pain. Top


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